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Youth Formation











Our Mission

We, as a Christian Faith Community of St. Catherine of Alexandria, are committed to bringing the hope and Word of the Gospel to our family, friends and the surrounding community. As the family of God, we strive to nurture our youth, celebrate our diversity and reach out to our neighbors through love, kindness and understanding, thereby promoting the teachings of our Lord, Jesus Christ.

Mass Times

Week Days

7:25 am (English)

7:00 pm Thursday (Spanish)

Saturday Vigil

5:00 pm

7:00 pm (Spanish)


8:00 am

10:00 am

12:00 noon

2:00 pm (Spanish)

4:00 pm (Korean) 2nd & 4th Sunday

6:00 pm


This year the 4th Sunday of Advent is on December 24th and is immediately followed by Christmas on Monday the 25th. It is not permitted to attend only one Mass to fulfill both obligations. Our Mass schedule below will assist parishioners with fulfilling the requiremtns of both obligations.


4th Sunday of Advent

Saturday 23rd December

5:00 pm English

7:00 pm Spanish

Sunday 24th December

8:00 am English

10:00 am English

12:00 Noon English

2:00 pm Spanish


Christmas Eve Mass

December 24th

4:00 pm Church English

4:15 pm Di Leo Hall English

7:00 pm Spanish

10:00 pm English

Christmas Day Mass

8:00 am English Mass

10:00 am English Mass

12:00 noon English Mass

2:00 pm Spanish Mass