Sacraments Update Message From Fr. Tomas And Sharla Ortiz

Sacraments | Update Details as of April 22, 2020

As you may know, the reception of these Sacraments are important milestones in our lives and those planning to receive these have undoubtedly had their plans interrupted by this pandemic. We appreciate your prayers and support as we continue to mitigate the Coronavirus and strive to reopen the parish under the direction of our Bishop. Meanwhile, if you or somebody you know is awaiting the Easter Sacraments, please review this important calendar update:

  • RCIA/RCIC - The parish will schedule a suitable date for all being initiated through these programs once Regular Masses Resume at St. Catherine's.

  • Infant/Child Baptisms - Will be rescheduled and celebrated in conjunction with Sunday Mass once Regular Masses Resume as St. Catherine's.

  • First Holy Eucharist - All previously scheduled dates have been postponed. Will be rescheduled and celebrated once Regular Masses Resume.

  • Youth/Adult Confirmation - Will be rescheduled for the entire group. Please note that this date will be dependent on the Bishop's Schedule. This schedule will be reworked as the Diocese reopens parishes.

  • Reconciliation - Will resume once the parish reopens the public.

Scheduled Parish Reopening Date: No definitive date has been set at this time by the Diocese in accordance with public health authorities but we all hope that this will be very soon! 

Contact Us

If you have any questions regarding this schedule change or need to speak to a staff member, please feel free to reach out to us:

Sharla Ortiz - Director of Religious Education

(951) 676-2894 

Laura Naranjo - Coordinator K-5  

(951) 225-6203 

Letha Heylmun  

Kat Hill - Coordinator 6-12

(951) 693-2146